How It Works


Step 1
Choose Experience

Select from our over 150 auction items & packages that will best suit your fundraising event.

Step 01
Step 02

Step 2
Sign Up

Sign up for an account online and reserve auction items or call at 888-857-2257 to set up an account and reserve.


Step 3
Print Your PDF

Download the corresponding pdf. for each package reserved which is used to showcase/market the full trip.

Step 03
Step 04

Step 4
Run Your Auction

Offer our auction packages risk free at you live, silent, online auction or raffle. Maximizes your fundraising efforts by selling each package multiple times and only pay for the packages you generate a profit on.


Step 5
White Glove Service

After your event tell us what sold and our concierge department handles everything the winning bidders need to redeem their auction package.

Step 05